a nice day

so this weekend was turning out to be low key. mike freaked out a smidge giving me the mtx shot for the first time, but it went well. the weather this week has been weird. snow in the beginning and almost 80 at the end. too much for my body to handle.

my really good friend pushed her way to see me today and i was glad. i am in the mode of really not wanting to see people, partially cause i don't think i look all that good. she took me to a lovely lunch and we had a great talk. nice :)

this week is my birthday. i will try and not get depressed on this day this year, i have lost far too much time lately to being depressed.

i totally forgot that we move our clocks ahead today. what a dork. i got a few things done this weekend -- around the house. i gotta wash my car. i am sure it will rain once i do it. let's hope i make it through another week of madness.