doctor update

i forgot to update on the changes or additions to my lupus med plan. i will be getting my mtx injections once a week from my husband. i have decided to take these on fridays, so if i get sick or don't feel good, i have a few days to recuperate. i have started back on vitamin d because my totals were at 19 and they should be at 30. the good thing is that it is up from my 12 last year. and to top it all off, i am also taking the calcium + vitamin d 2times a day. this is on top of humira, plaqunil, ultracet, folic acid and the occasional vicodin or xanax - depending on how i am feeling. oh yeah, i take one benedryl a night to ensure i don't get hives. i get hives so easily. whew. yes that is a lot. kinda scary if you think about it. i try not to think about how much i take to often, then i would get upset and that is not good.

we had a decent snow in md this week. my daughter and dogs loved it. those things make me happy. i am trying to juggle things around the house and trying to get more help to get things done. my daughter is fighting me and is a tad resentful over the fact all of a sudden she has to do more, but i know i just can't do it all right now. my husband is trying too. he works full time and does what he can. sometimes i just try and do it instead of asking, pleading and explaining. that mentally taxes me.