Just ok

What a few days. I am kinda getting rest, but one of the meds they put me on for my lovely infection is making me a little wired and zapped my appettite. I mean nothing is good. I am drinking because they asked me to force any fluids. I would say I easily lost 5lbs this weekend.

I had a busy day, I forced myself to go out and get some exercise. Well, you know my kind of exercise... shopping. I had a nice time, just getting a few things here and there and spending my lovely vd gift. I also did some housework since Hannah has had company since yesterday to keep her busy.

I decided also to give the boys a much needed bath. Diesel did great and well Ripley has been evil all weekend, so as you can see from the picture, he has been banished to his kennel.

I am looking forward to having a free day off tomorrow. Mike has to work-- he is hatin right now.

Enjoy the pictures and if you want more of the crew, check them out here