Too much to keep up with

It has been a little crazy (yeah, I know - what's new) with the holidays and all the tests for me lately, I haven't had time to post. So a little update would go nicely right about now.

Mike and I are a little stressed out since we had the c-word scare with me, but somewhat good news is that it is not but my kidneys has finally succumb to the lupus invasion. My goal for the new years is to find a doctor at John Hopkins and go after this will a little more vigor then my current doctor.

We are also a little stressed over family and having them over for the holidays. Some drama has already started which is not fun and frankly not helping anyone at the moment. We just have to keep going forward and soon it will be over.

Hannah is doing ok. She is fully immersed in the holiday spirit and ready for the onslaught of gifts. She is so ready for school to be out. And good news- I am off as well and MY AUNT AND COUSIN are coming up!!!

Now the dogs... wow what can I say -- they are a lot of work but so funny. They are ready (thanks to me) for the holidays and toys.

I am counting the hours till I am off. I will post pictures soon!