A little late

on the merry christmas wishes. It has been nice to have all this time off and see family. In that same breath, it has been overwhelming for me. So many things to do and so tiring. I did get to see all of Mike's family on one evening - we hosted dinner for them. I got to see the Fosters, my mom, Mark and the best of all my Aunt Denise and cousin Kim. Hannah had a great christmas that ended yesterday with two shots at the peds ( 4 mos ago they changed the standards and require children to get a chicken pox booster and hep a shot) - it was an UGLY show of emotions from Hannah. I have spent a great deal of time running around here and there. Mike and I did find a sectional sofa that we are getting delivered on Monday and I am SOOO excited. It will add soo much more seating in my living room and it's a deeper sofa for me to get lost in!!!

I have lots of pictures at the usual spot... http://www.flickr.com/photos/loveoflabs/ - yes and of course pictures of those lovable dogs named Diesel and Ripley