change in schedule

Tomorrow I begin a new schedule - Work from home every Monday. It will actually be an adjustment for me since I had off every other Monday. But my new boss says he does not care how I do my time so if I have things (like my regularly scheduled doctor appts) I can do them and I don't need to tell them. I am sure I will adjust. I am good to go in the Tech set up department since all my equipment carried over -- so I have full access.

Kinda busy weekend. We hit BJ's yesterday early so I could cut the grass in the nice weather. I was soo nice yesterday. And spent a good amount of time outside.

today was fixing a wall in a closet where I noticed a wee leak -- so new sheet rock and we are good to go. We finally found a new foyer light and hung that as well. I threw down more grass seed and watered like crazy.

Dogs and child are good.