Another Good Bye

So I said goodbye to a member of the WSO team today. He was new but he made an impression on me. His passion, vision and great sense of humor were key in keeping me sane in my last days with the group. Dean is moving onto things that surely will meet his high expectations. The good thing is he will be still working with another group in AARP so we still may get that opportunity to cross paths again.

I have a busy day tomorrow -- my first yard sale. I have soo much to sell and when I was out posting signs around the town, I notice I have bit of competition. I would say about 6 other homes are having yard sales as well. All monies will go to the Packers trip :)

I began my new project with HR today. We are redesigning our careers portion and I am extremely excited about the wonderful opportunities. I am also excited I am on the "other" side - being the client. The good thing is that I know both.

I am tired and ready for my bed