She's coming home today

YEAHHHHH. Mike and I got up early b/c Ripley threw up everywhere!! The good thing (yet again) is that it is coming out both ways. Mike is already asleep again. I just found a dead bird in the yard. Bleck, that has to wait until Mike wakes up to get disposed.

Mike got the ceiling fan installed yesterday and we love it. I love it even more that it was 20% off. Joseph confirmed that he did get the heelys. What fun! Now I hope that Bobby does not hold that against me.

I am adjusting to the new job. Key word adjusting. I have come to accept this week it will take a while. The system they are using is interesting to say the least and I really have to learn it inside out. The other side of the job which involves the web should be fun. Who knows, we will see. Just more time needs to be given to getting me adjusted. Anyhow... it's better then the other option.

Gotta run and go find work to do. OH good news, my new laptop shipped!!! YEAH.