OK I know it's dc and we should be used to it, but man the heat sucks hard. Since Mike and I are childless yet again, we have not done much. We ran to Lowe (my new home now) and bought a new ceiling fan for the sun room. The old one was from 1980. I have been watching Live Earth all day. Really good. Metallica, Beastie Boys and Foo Fighters were awesome.

After a few emails, one to Joseph about heelys - yes they have adult sizes and I think he got them and one to Nicole to let her know the shoes I ordered for her will arrive on Tuesday - I decided to just chill.

Hannah called several times crying and not doing well. The good news is that she comes home early tomorrow morning. Mike and I can't wait. The dogs will be soooo relieved.

BTW -- Ripley figured out how to open Mike's glass shower door and got a barbie (Hannah's stuff is in there, no Mike does not mess with Barbies) and he ate the legs, arms and most of the hair. He has thrown up a quite a bit and I am glad, at least it's not stuck. Man, having three dogs is very taxing.... I know -- my fault.