Yellow Labs

boy, the dogs miss Hannah a bunch. I called her when I got home and had her on speaker. When she said hello the dogs went crazy!!! It is really hot and humid outside. I let the dogs run around for a few minutes and they are still panting. I gave them tons of ice.

I had a good first day - Brian, Nicole, John and Karen stopped by to see the new digs and David sent me a great first day email. I miss him :( . My new boss called me from Vegas to give me some direction on my projects and I am off and running. Well maybe gimping.

Here are some pictures of the dogs. Everybody asks how my babies are doing. They are not babies by size anymore. Ripley is teetering on 70 pounds and up to 6 cups of dog food a day and he just hit 7 mos. Diesel has to be hitting 80 and only gets 4 cups. Ripley is just HUGE.