All good things must come to an end...

and I mean my vacation. I had a nice time off. Got to do things that I wanted and needed to do. I did not get a lot of time with Mike - he had to work. But I am very glad we finally cleared out our storage unit!!! YEAH GINA. I redid my closets, made a huge clothes donation to the Lupus Foundation. Gathered a nice bag of clothes for a co-worker and finally got my hands on Hannah's room. I cleaned that real good. I did so many things, but mostly got to rest and not stress. That was PURE heaven. And I did a lot of other things but not up to typing it all.

I got to work with Ripley more. He is such a sweet, smart and very strong willed dog who got VERY attached to me while I was home. And most of all, absolutely stunning. Diesel is doing great. We work more on his listening issues and behaving outside. He did pretty damn good.
How funny is that?
On my final day off I did more stuff around the house and ordered myself a pizza. I have talked to Hannah everyday at least once. She is having a blast!!! She got a Gwen Stefani doll today.

Ok, I will have pictures soon of the family - well at least Hannah and the dogs...