Thank the lord

for the new Humira Pen. It is more expensive then the regular injection, but so worth it. It was relatively painless. Mike was worried that he did not do it right, but I felt the needle go in and a little pain, but nothing (AND I MEAN NOTHING) like they normally feel. I have to take an injection every two weeks, and I get a 3 months supply (which is 6 shots) for $4,059.22. Yes, and I only pay 50.00 for it because of insurance. See why I needed a new job. WOW, think about that for a minute-- that is like $676.00 per shot. It may seem really expensive, but it's the only thing that is working to stop the progression of my RA and it's doing it pretty well.
I start a mega 4 day dose of steroids to deal with pain in my knees and other issues and then I will go back down to my normal daily dose. I am also dealing with few kidney concerns, but hopefully the mega dose of steroids with help with that as well.
OK enough about me, but yes I am really grateful for health insurance ...