So in another month or so they should release the schedule for the football season and then we can decide which game we are taking Hannah to go see. The goal is the redskins game so our good friends, Kellie, Steve and Wesley can go with us. Anyway, just to see Brett again is just enough.

It was a crappy ride home, too much traffic to let the girl do her thang. So sad... maybe Thursday she can take off her top and let it all hang out. Tee hee hee.. am I still talking about a car. Sure you betcha!!!

Soccer practice was good. Dad and Hannah had a great time. I had the dogs -- not such a good time. Diesel is acting out, Ripley is playing follow the leader and Zoe is being ABUSED by them both.
Oh I got the new Joss Stone album - -I really don't like it -- it will be a give a way tomorrow. The amy winehouse album is sooo much better. check it out.
Shot timeeeeeeeee... fun for gina