Puppy Loving

Diesel and Ripley are really handsome dogs. Ripley had a few milestones this week -- no more warm water on his food, hit 21.5 lbs (11 weeks) and ZOE finally bit him. I told you people she is a bitch. She got him right above the eye and it scared the shit out of him. Not sure if he is done messing with her, but Mike is done with her.

Long week for me. I am really an struggling these last few weeks with major fatigue and taking the pain meds everyday ( at least two times a day). I am ready to curl into a ball and do NOTHING. Which that is my agenda for Saturday while Mike and Hannah venture off to Alyssa's party. It is time for a doctor visit soon to see what is up.

Hannah gets her report card next week. Can't wait.

Enjoy my handsome boys
If you can't get enough of those guys (just like I can't) check them out here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/loveoflabs/