Nice party

Mike, Hannah and I were really pleased with the outcome of our party. There were only a few casualties -- My dragonfly candle holder, hannah's room and zoe threw up after everyone left.
We really could not have pulled it off without Joseph and Bobby. They came early -- helped me set up things and played with Hannah and wore out Ripley. Diesel got to spend most of the day outside so it wiped him out. Zoe got to mingle all night at the party. It only took me about two hours this morning to get everything completley back to normal in the house. I still have to tackle the deck, but it is raining. We all had such a good time and it was really nice t o have everyone over. Real Props goes to Kathy for bringing her Wii and entertaining like 8 kids for a majority of the night. She is a lifesaver!!!! I did not get pictures, but I know Joseph took a bunch and I will get them from him. Thanks to everyone!!!

Cheese will be served all week long at the sin counter :)