So I ordered this cool speaker from brookstone and it arrived Friday night. I was so happy I ran to go get my iPod to plug it in. I did and guess what ... sad iPod. I first thought it looked like someone had punched the little guy, but after looking him up I found out it was sad iPod. So Saturday the iPod when back for repair. And then I had to listen to Mike's iShuffle through my AWESOME indoor/outdoor speaker. The music is alright, just not mine. I should (and I emphasize should) have it back in two weeks. This weekend was crazy, Justin and Brandon stayed the WHOLE weekend and then Wes showed up Sunday morning and stayed all day. That just confirms to Mike and I why we don't have more :) We were so exhausted last night that I did not even get to watch the one football game I wanted to watch: Indy vs. NE. Oh well, NE lost (very sad).

I have to giggle at a few games this weekend, still my favorite was the 49ers beating the Vikings. That is just funny. Now the Vikings have sunk to a new low... sucksville.

Then, Miami spanking the BEARS. How freakin hysterical was that?!! Just when you think it is suppose to be easy, ha... the Dolphins beat the (then) undefeated Bears. Andrew - -chew on that crap for a while, and then swoosh it around and then swallow it.. .bitter isn't it? Just goes to show you, don't take things for granted. HA!!

Not much got done around the house this weekend, we raked both yards (the boys did some of the work, and then cut the grass. We decided to get a leaf blower with a mulcher on it, screw raking the leaves! Mike hung some Packer memorabilia up in the packer room. I did not get to paint my foyer like I wanted, but I will. Hannah got her desk done instead :)

I have been feeling rather run down lately and off, I hope it was just a minor flare up and not a taste of what is to come. I have some tests in a few weeks and I am trying to hold off until then before I go back in. NO COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY!! When I pass out -- then you can yell at me but not now.