Hannah Nanner

So Hannah gets her report card tomorrow. Now I know I always talk about this, but this one is the first one where she will get letter grades, so my fingers are crossed that my girl hit honor roll again :)
My aunt called this morning, very sad. Which made me very sad. I just wanted to hug her, but she was too far away.
We had some really strange weather today, so freaky that Hannah's school closed early. But I never got the notification. Thank god for good friends and emergency cards at school.
I can't believe next week is thanksgiving. geez - already?!
My iPod is back and now I just need to go pick it up. I had a great dinner last night with JenLR and JenC -- I needed that.
I think my I will chill this weekend .. no running around. I have a bunch of tests and labwork coming up, just gotta keep my fingers crossed that I am progressing forward and not back again...