or just plain craziness. I am not sure. What a busy couple of days. The new appliances starting coming yesterday and more will come tomorrow. Yesterday we spent the day installing some new items around the house and some old neighbors came by to see the new place. Hannah and DiDi went to the ren fest today and had a ball. Mike spent the day building Hannah a new desk, and by gosh he did a fantastic job!!! It's all done. Of course, he got a new miter(?) saw out of, so that made it all the better. I spent the day doing laundry, getting all the pictures out so I can figure out where to put up some old and a lot of new art work. I have been picking out things for a while. Mike and I (I think) are still running on pure adrenline. We were excited the other day when we found a Ace Hardware store right around the corner, I love small hardware stores like that. We also cut the grass today, front and back. Got a some mums and pumpkins for the front porch. Looks really good.

I am almost forgot, I went for my check up this week -- believe it or not it has been a month since I went back to work. The news was not as good as I hoped and I am not sure where the doc and I will go from here. The kidneys are still not "behaving" the way they should (too much protein) and there are some growths on one of them. So, for now the steriods must continue. We decided to change up when I take them, so now we toss them back in the am. I chose to ignore it this week ( No, Nicole, I won't ignore it forever or let myself get bad again) - and I am pretty optimistic that it will get better. I go back in a few week for more tests. Oh, and I noticed some cyst-like things (under the skin) on the back of my knees, not sure if they are the RA nodules that I have read so much about. Just got to keep an eye on them until I go back.

Mike and I are extremely happy and I know I am forgetting so many things we have done this week, but I am tired and wanna go watch football.