I think we are almost there...

well we all know I am. I really think Diesel is going to get a new friend -- it is really just sad seeing him play in the yard by himself. Zoe just can't hang.. on the rare occasion that she ventures out in the yard, Diesel comes at her full force and he is just as fast. The funny thing is that Mike's boss, Nancy, offered us 1,000 bucks to take her black lab, Winnie. No thanks, I want my own dog to make neurotic. Apparently Winnie is all the way lab crazy. So I sent an email last night to the breeder to see how the love connection went and to see where I go from there -- makes me happy.

Berry has been doing good. Hannah is really obsessed with this little bugger. She picked him up last night after he had his exercise in the playpen and exercise ball. So, he is becoming used to being handled. As Hannah would say, "they are bonding." And she is right.

BTW, Hannah got her interim the other day, she is hitting it out of the park at school, all A's and two B's. Yes, in 3rd grade they start the letter grading. She has been having A LOT of asthma issues lately, so we are off to the specialist on Friday morning to see how we can make this better. It has started when she started school.

Mike and I giggled the other night, I asked him "Can you believe we own a house?" and he said -- "it actually feels like a vacation" and then I said "I will remember that when I pay the first mortgage payment :) "

I had a nice day at work yesterday, it was raining Mac Books and it made those guys very happy. That was so nice to see!!