Hannah's day at the doc

So Hannah has been having a lot of problems with her asthma since school started - 7 attacks at school; three in the last week, two of which sent her home. So we went to her asthma and allergy specialist yesterday to see what was going on. He really believes that she is developing allergies to possible ragweed and some mold, but we are going to hold off on more testing to see how she does with add her Flovent 2x per day and taking her peak flow two times a day. I also spoke to the doc about her flu shot. Hannah had a terrible reaction about three years ago when she got her flu and pneumonia vaccine - -she developed cellulitis in her arm from the shot and then developed a rather bad case of pneumonia. So Mike and I have not gotten it for her since, but I felt it was time for Hannah and the doc agreed. She did pretty good and I promised since she did so well, that I would go get her the new Pokeman Blue Rescue Team game for her DS. After dropping her off at school and going to the pharmacy, I went to EB games. Little did I know that was not a smart move. I had to wait 45 minutes in line because you could reserve the new wii Nintendo system, but since my girl did good-- it was worth it.
I do want to point out to my co-worker Justin that I did not go there to reserve this system, we are a Sony gaming family and are awaiting the PS3.

On a puppy note, the breeder confirmed that Diesel's parents were successful in rekindling the magic again and the pups are due Nov 12. HOT DAMN!!

And finally - -Berry. Here is a picture of his condo. He really prefers to stay in the observation deck. And yes that is tape on the far right, some how the extend - a - condo was not that supportive. Go Figure....