my weasel

so that is his nickname that has stuck with me. I am really careful with nicknames because it is so easy to slip back to Bay and Onyx's nicknames and I can't do that. Diesel got me up early (I know what is new) and then I begged him to go back to bed after he went outside and we did sleep for another hour.

Hannah is excited about seeing the trotter's today, we are heading down to Annapolis to Griffin's West to have lunch with them and to catch up. Hannah is sitting on the couch downstairs watching a Scooby Doo Movie and Mike is off to the grocery store. Thank god I did not have to do that.

I gotta get some laundry done today so I don't have to do it tomorrow on mom's day...

I know the pictures of diesel are funny .. he is running around and working him self up and panting.