many things

It's early and we all know why I am up - Diesel. We had another long day yesterday. Mike and I got up early, took Hannah to school, dropped his car off at Saturn. Talked to the guys about the new Sky that I want (they had the one I wanted, all black), picked up dry cleaning and headed out to mall to see X-Men 3. We got there early for the first showing but still ended up sitting in front row. Good Movie. We then came home to talk to the realtor and to put an offer on the house. I ran and got my hair trimmed up, that was a fiasco!! We got our wires crossed on the time and then I think since she was running late and I did not have much time, that she was not paying attention to my cut, and my angles are not what I want them to be. So yes, I am irritated. I then came home to sign papers on the house. What a lot of work. We then ran over to Alyssa's house to pick up Hannah and so Mike could start an IV on their dog, Bailey. He has Lyme's Diease, HeartWorm and Kidney Failure. He has lost over 40 pounds in just 2 weeks. Very sad. He is a yellow lab just like my Bailey. It really breaks my heart because he was vaccinated for Lyme and took his heartworm pills. Not sure if he will make it :( The treatment alone for heartworm is arsenic and he has to get past the kindney issues to even begin that.

So we are waiting to hear today if our offer was accepted. Mike is very nervous and well I have a lot thing going on in my mind. We have not told Hannah yet, because she will not really understand if we don't get it. Now, a new phase begins today with our house, getting it readdy to show. We have some minor things to do that the realtor suggested and then we need to de-personalize the house. Not fun.

I am posting some pictures of my monster, he has been such a good boy these last couple of days.