Well the last couple of days have been really busy. Yesterday, Glenn came over and completley redid the front of my house -- he took out a tree and cut all the bushes in the front. Mike and I finished the deck, hung new lights under the counter, hung curtains in the basement, cleaned out the back yard and Mike painted the french doors. There is sooo much more I can't even begin. We lit off fireworks last night for the kids in the neighborhood and we had a blast.

We got some REALLY good news today, the contract on the house we love was ACCEPTED. I still can't believe it!!! So now comes the task of selling our house, which Glenn has an aggressive plan to do so. He took some great pictures of the house yesterday (after he cut all the bushes down) and is working on loading all the information up today. I still can't believe it.

Mike and Hannah are working on her project for school, a float on England. Should be a doozy. Mike is using his power saw :)

Here are some more pictures of the house -- can't say my house yet until .....