Getting there

so the carpet is going down next week and now we just have some painting to finish and then that puppy is ready to sell. I am getting a little nervous about the impending changes, but I am sure things will go smoothly.

Hannah needs to go back on her singulair, she has had a massive runny nose and singulair acts as an allergy med as well. Mr. Rick picked all the kids up last night and made the rounds to Chick Filet for school spirit night -- 20% of all sales between 5-8 goes to Four Seasons.

Mike and I are hamming out the details regarding which game we will go and see at Lambeau Field ... I think it is going to be the season opener with Chicago. Mike is sooo stoked. Actually what is really way cool is one of Mike's bosses has offered up his frequent flyer miles to fly us to GB. Amazing.

Diesel is doing well. One of Mike's bosses thinks he is a little chunky, but Mike and I disagree. He is into barking right now and it is driving me crazy. And man -- does he torture Zoe....