my d

So my boy is getting bigger and bigger, right before my eyes. These days his thing is to get into my bed, which is right next to my vanity, and watch me get ready. He gets really (i mean really) excited when I bring out the brushes. He is almost hanging off the side of the bed to get to it. So I indulge him a little, and swipe it over his nose. It makes him happy. I am sure he would rather bite it. As far as training him, he has been rather easy. He has the sit, down and shake command down like a pro. We are still a work in progress on the stay command, but he is getting there. One more he is working on is "Drop." He is doing better on the lead, but definitely needs the harness around his nose for a while longer. I still can't believe his is almost 8 months old. Here are some pictures of when we first got him and then a few weeks ago. Still -- he has the most handsome face. Also the other dogs are his mom(left) and dad. His dad is BEAUTIFUL. Well I am glad I have the next several days off -- Hannah is on spring break. I think I am going to get her haircut again.