So I have been a little busy latley. Long week at work and then more house stuff. Saturday's rain put a damper on when the work was to begun, so we ran and got all the supplies and Mike also worked for a few hours on Saturday. So today we painted the laundry room, fertilized the back yard, took items over to storage and took down some wall paper. So needless to say I am hurting again :) But I believe things are moving along. My next projects will be the two bathrooms upstairs: one bathroom with be glass bead and the other one gobi desert. Hannah played outside for several hours this afternoon with the neighbors kids and got in on a game of kickball. Mike made a fabulous steak on the grill for dinner.

So tomorrow is Monday and the only thing getting me excited about the week is that I am off a few days because of Hannah's easter break, so hopefully more painting before the weekend.

The dogs are good, I actually think Zoe is losing a few pounds (much needed) and Diesel is hovering at 60 pounds. We have begun to phase out his lunch meal . I think I am going to have to go get a high sitting foot bowl stand, he is struggeling to eat his food (comfortably).

Well I am going to eat a painkiller and watch my Sunday shows!!