I promised

some pictures of the boy and the girl and here they are!! Hannah is doing well. She had an asthma check up today and they are taking her off one of her meds to see how she does :) Diesel is also doing well, hovering still at 60 lbs and behaving ok.

Well I made it through our move at work and all things considered -- I think it went really well. There were a few hiccups, but things happen. Kudos to the team who worked on it. I am really tired and sore (but what's new) -- I haven't started the new meds yet, I figured I would start them this weekend when I had more time at home just in case.

The deck guy came today and started on the fence and WOOOOOOW!! I can't wait till it's done. It's amazing the difference. He is going to finish powerwashing the deck tomorrow and then the staining. Mike is chugging along on all the internal changes as well. He got all the stuff out of the attic and moved it to storage.

I am going to take some meds and go to bed ;)