What a week!!! Between the move at work and all the work we are doing around the house, time is flying. I went to the doctors today and well some interesting tidbits came out of it. I apparently am not staying true to my needed/required doctor visits and got scolded for it today. So it looks like I am on an 8 week cycle now for the doctors. They have added a new RA med to my routine to help with my feet (they are not doing well at all), got tons more blood work done, was told my skin infection is back and on top of that was having some allergic reaction on my hands. FUN. Mike is off work and doing some work around the house, most important - the painting that I gave up last week and have not touched since :( He has done a fabulous job. Bathroom is just about done :) all the wallpaper is down and all the patch work is done. Not bad for a day. I have somebody coming out to powerwash the deck and fence and then stain it this weekend. I have NO time for that. Mike is getting a moving van on Monday to get all the stuff out of the attic and to storage... one trip instead of 50 would be nice :).

Well tomorrow is the move day at work ... I think it will be fine. I have learned in my past life what can go wrong will go wrong and you can't change it. You can only do you best, and I think we have. Besides being extremely tired, I have developed hives around my eyes this evening, so I have popped my benedryl and pray to god that it does not get worse :)

Lunch this weekend with the trotters and then work on Sunday to set up. I will post some pictures of Hannah (with her new do) and the doggies soon. I can't not get over how big D is getting and how freaking handsome he is ....my little love buddy :)