Insane Headache

I have had a bad headache since yesterday afternoon, and I have tried everything (and I mean everything) to get rid of it. And yet no luck :(

Kinda of a slow week for me and that is good, still raw from Onyx but I am sure that will ease with time.

Diesel is being a ding dong. He is still having some behavorial issues that are driving me and Mike crazy. The sad thing is I am sure Onyx and Bay had issues too, we just choose to lump them in the perfect category :) And well they were, I trained them :)
I think I am going to look into an actual class for Diesel. Where as he has the sit, down, paw, come and kinda stay command, we need to get a better handle on it and this will force us too. The one command he refuses to obey is my "settle" command -- which is kinda self explanatory. So we are going to focus on that right now.

He is chewing on a rawhide right now and Zoe is at my feet (per usual) -- I wish this headache would go...