Let it Snow!!

It's early and I have been at work for about 30 minutes. The one redeeming quality for today, Monday, is that it is going to snow. With any luck we will get the 6 inches that they are calling for in the area. The x-mas tree went up this weekend and in the process we cleaned out about a quarter of the attic. Man that was A LOT of work which kinda dampened the decoration fun. Mike put up the outside lights yesterday since it was not so cold. The biggest feet of the weekend was putting out all the trash that we cleaned out from the attic. Mike tried to stop half way in between -- funny man. I have been fighting cold/flu bug and hopefully I will be successful. I got most of my holiday cards out and in the mail... YEAH!!! That is a good thing considering I haven't done them for years. My in laws got a new puppy -- a Shitzu named Seamus. He is a cutie at only 3.5 pounds. I think Diesel weighed that at birth.
Speaking of the bugger -- he had his shots Friday and weighed in at 21.2 pounds at almost 13 weeks. He was trying to attack the Christmas tree all weekend.