locked in jail

so tonight is kind of a tough night for me -- just tired of riding the roller coaster of emotions. It's been a month since Bay passed and it's been hard to say the least. Life in the Stanford household has not been easy for anyone. Hannah has been crying in the evenings about Bay. Onyx is so confused and Zoe is just a mess. Now I know it was not the ideal time to bring a pup into the mix -- but it was fate. Too many variables in the mix to pass this little guy up. My heart is just toooooo big when it comes to this breed and dogs in general. The only reason I don't have more is Mike and well my wee house. Hannah is having to adjust to the puppy too, he's not quite up to par in the playing arena and she is tooo much for an 9 week old puppy but we will make it work. Hell we got zoe when she was two and Hannah learned how to deal with her :) Mike and I are struggling with new puppy blues and him piddling so much -- but again we will get over that soon too. It is a group effort and we just need to pitch in and make it work. Now Diesel came to us partially kennel trained -- so going in the kennel helps him relax and chill when needed. So when you look at the pictures don't feel bad -- he just had an hour of Hannah and Mom time and a little training on how to sit. Hannah also needed decompression time so she is ready and chilling before bed. Mike is off at a seminar (laugh, snicker snicker) and I just wanna go to bed because Diesel has had me up at 4 every morning. I know... do I want some cheese with that whine :)