lame ass football today

good lord, so I sat down to watch some football and I regret it. Baltimore sucked, Green Bay blew even harder and I am not even sure why San Francisco bothers anymore. The only redeeming factor for today -- KC Chiefs pulled one out of there ass with 1:45 left on the clock -- amen for Trent Green. Also, I see the Vikings have something to cheer about- Brad Johnson and a win. Let the Philly & Redskins game give me something to get worked up about. Oh and one more wish -- Please oh Please let NE beat the Colts ...

On a sidenote -- why the hell is it almost 80 degrees in Nov? I had to turn on my a/c today because I though I was gonna roast along with the dogs ( yes people I would rather be cold then hot) --sucks...I want some chilly november air moving in town soon.