so I need to post

to let everyone know we are doing ok. I am not going to lie and say it has been easy. One day at a time. Hannah's tells me not to think about it and I will be ok-- not to forget mommie just so it won't hurt so much. Hannah is doing good ... she has his leash and collar hanging in her room and actually doing her best to cheer me up. Mike is also working on that with me. I am sure that this will pass and become a little more bearable. Onyx is doing ok -- I think he is a little lost without his brother and well Zoe is Zoe.

Mike and I are sick right now, I am sure from stress over the past two weeks and the emotional shit storm that has gone with it.

I think we are going to decorate the house this weekend for Halloween -- Hannah got her constume mail -- I can't wait to see it on her :)

my pet!