friday night

welp is it now well over -- the week that is and I am very happy. Things accomplished this week: getting through this week. See, not high maintanence:) I had a great ride home tonight -- with all the windows down jamming to a new cd -- Jamie Cullum -- love it!!! My favorites off of this "Get Your Way" and "London Skies." Very talented young man. Check it out. Also another purchase this week, Alicia Keys "Unplugged" -- she has come a long way in performing live. Very Nice -- my two favorites - Unbreakable and Wild Horses with Adam Levine (Maroon 5). I love my music.

Hannah just came in and wanted to take pictures -- so we did ... and I am not putting the picture of me that she took. I am off to go snuggle in bed -- with my pooches.