so we had to get

hannah a new tv -- the other one just kinda went hay wire. So dad picked out a 20 inch tv and she is in heaven. She has been watching it on and off all day. We got up early (before dad) and went to target to get a few things and then got dad up to get the TV. I almost bought me a sirius receiver.... just hate that I have to wait to get it installed... I am on the cusp because it is 1/2 off the monthly service if we get another one and I was JAMMIN today with Mike's car.

Hannah finished cleaning up -- it only took her 6 hours yesterday and like two today. I still can't believe she barely filled up a bag. She also broke out in major rash on her face from the ren faire on saturday from the makeup she had painted on her face -- so no more make up from faire.

I am trying to convince mike to wash my car.. why do I have to convince him? He should want to do it.... not :)