left alone

to my own devices this evening. Mike and Hannah went over to Kellie and Steve's to do chilli cleanup. What fun. And what am I doing ... thinking about doing some work. Not fun. I should just go watch the rest of House (damn good show) and Law and Order SVU.

I am a wee bit troubled today by bailey's one leg. It is giving out quite a bit so now all these alarms are going off in my head and wondering if I should call the neurologist. If it is like that in the morning .. I am. I am not wasting time.

Hannah got a note sent home from school today. GOOD NEWS -- she has mastered all the sight words for second grade and she gets to work on the sight words for third grade. She was cheesing when we read the note. She knew she did well, but not that well. GO HANNAH.
Mike and I have ordered her halloween costume -- she wanted to be tinkerbell this year. So we got it all. I think she will be the most beautiful tinkerbell.

I had one of those days today that makes your head tilt sideways like a dog -- go figure. I am actually looking forward to time off coming up next week and not do any work. that's my goal -- no work. It ain't going to work...