Hannah is a wee bit tired today. She got up at 6 to go to before care so we could go to the specialists. I fed her good tonight and she passed out at 6:30.

As for the appt today. As I said before, I did not want to go, and going just confirmed I should not have gone. Yes -- I found out two bits of information. Two bits, mind you, I could have done without right now. Bailey's cancer - -which we thought was only locally aggressive, WRONG. Since it was graded so high -- there is a HIGH chance it will spread. Yeah -- not what I needed to hear. Secondly -- she read over Onyx's chart and informed with that on chemo (mind you an HIGHLY expensive chemo) -- he could go a year. COULD?! But it will spread to his chest (duh -- we knew that) and welp not alot you can do.

I just realized today that I have been dealing with this in very bads ways -- drinking tons of Mountain Dew and Smoking alot of cigs. Not a good combination at all for my RA. So guess what -- I am breaking out with a minor skin infection again and hope that it will just POOF -- go away. I need to ween myself off the Mountain Dew.. not good since my head is still killing me.

And please people, one bit of advice to you -- Don't tell somebody whose dogs are dying that they had a good life and you did everything you could -- it just does not help and why would you think it would? Let them know you are sorry and leave it at that.... or don't say anything at all and be a jackass.