Hannah is at the ren festival

today, so I am sure that I will have pictures later or her grandparents will. So today I went and got 2 inches cut off my hair and Mike went and bought Sirius Radio for football. My question is "Is he going to sit in his car to listen to it?" Oh well -- so I went and bought clothes :) It seems semi fair :)

I went out last night (yes again) with co-workers to the chop. Had a really good time -- most of my team came out and just had me laughing for hours -- of course making fun of me. I think it has become John's full time job. We also went out to have drinks for Kate's birthday. We got over there EARLY because Chris was having a little too much fun touching himself at work (which I caught him doing) -- so it was time to bug out. Plus Jake was bouncing on his ball just a little too much. I know -- what's wrong with this picture. Nothing -- they work on computers all day and they gotta have fun somehow?!

A few more days until the poker game which has turned into a a lot bigger game then we thought. We have twelve players and now we have to have 2 games going on and see where it goes from there. I am sure I will tons of pictures from that ... ha blackmail is sweet.

more soon -- of Hannah of course :)