Ridin Solo

ha.. just for this weekend. The girl and hubby have a sand soccer tourney this weekend in OC and I can't go.. .the dogs restrict family travel to almost nothing. That is ok, I ended up having a biopsy on my leg yesterday and would rather give the leg some rest. they started me on steroids (20 mg per day) until they can figure out what is going on. love steriods for a very short time. they make you feel AMAZING, but man they also make you pee all the time, sweat and very hungry. Being hungry is odd for me right now, I haven't really been eating. I get like that, I am not sure if it is the diseases or what, but trust me folks I have enough fat to live off of for a while :) Eventually just drinking mountain dew will catch up again to me and it will be ugly.
Been a little busy lately, work work work, soccer, and my lovely daughter. I am planning an end of season soccer party for 16 girls and their families. I am stuck on what I should get them for their end of year gifts. I am currently fighting with my ipod, now that my daughter has one and she syncs with me, it had messed me up. some of the crap she buys I do NOT want on my play list.

My boys have been great, they are such lovely creatures. They really have adapted to me and my personalities and my ups and downs. I spend more time with them then anyone -- the girl has school, the boy works all the time and has soccer.

I could complain about my illness right now and all the limitations and issues that I go through on a daily bases, but I will pass on that and save my energy for something more productive. Smile folks, take it minute by minute and enjoy it while you have it... MUAH!!