Dog Days

Yes, most days I feel like my Diesel looks in the picture... tired. I mean his face really says it all. Love my doggies. Strange couple of days for me. Little depressed to say the least. no motivation. I kinda hoped that would be rectified when my vitamin d dose was upped, no such luck (yet). No doctor visit until June. I am honestly not in the mood for all the shit that goes with going to the doctor. and getting back on all the meds. too much.

If isn't enough that you have to do all this crap and deal with NO energy.. they want you to fill out all this paperwork, take all these additional tests and make all these phone calls. How many pieces of paper do you actually need to tell these folks -- yes I have Lupus, Yes, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. No, I would not like it to progress any further. No I would not like to fill out any more paperwork to tell you want you already know... damnit. Bother the damn doctor's office who has all the paperwork, the paid staff to do it and the reason I have go through all of this... shitty shit shit shit.
I just wanna take the damn medicine and be done with it. if I have TB, it's all your fault any way and the damn meds you put me on... could I get a little more fouler... sure you betcha!!