wow, more snow. i have always loved snow and lots of it, i just don't drive well in it (hey, at least i can admit to that). but man, these last few weeks we are getting a decent amount. to bad i can't play like i used to, but man i love to go outside and sit and watch nature. it's so peaceful. so it looks like we will get 3-6 more tonight and another wallop this weekend.

another reason i love the snow is watching the dogs playing and rough housing in it. they become INSANE and it wears them out. diesel loves to try and catch snow balls and then goes insane trying to figure out where it went... after he has dropped it. ripley loves to dig into the snow to look for god know what... he is a little odd that one. zoe loves to herd them in the snow, but when it gets too deep, she won't leave the deck. smart girl.

i finally broke down and got the girl a cell phone and i have to say it is driving me crazy. she is texting all the time and i need to figure out some rules and boundaries otherwise that is all she will be doing.

my ra and lupus suffer in this kind of weather as well.. with RA -- i become stuck and can't move because there is no where to go -- my joints suffer tremendously! i need to keep constantly moving otherwise ... stuck