Trying again

So there is one thing I know for sure, I miss blogging. It was a good way option to vent about my diseases. The problem was I got so sick I could not handle blogging or even typing. Over the last 6 weeks my diseases have taken a turn and it has left my doctors shruggin their shoulders and passing me on to Hopkins. I am glad that they are but concerned and confused. God only knows when I can get in there (my doctor is facilitating that) and not sure how long I can go on with the current treatment. I have a healthy dose of immuno-suppressants that make me freak every time some one sneezes or coughs. I have begun plaqunil again but that takes so long to kick in that I won't know for a while if that helps. my major concerns is the vasculitis. That is freaking me out. They have controlled it lately with methotrexate and steroids, but man that is no fun. I am petrified once they stop it will come back. They have no idea why this has happened which leads me to believe they have no idea how to treat it long term. My blood work is not showing improvement in certain areas that seem to point to my lupus.

I am tired of worrying. I hope Hopkins can get me all sorted out like everyone seems to think they will. I can be hopeful...