Picture Day

Hannah D 091208, originally uploaded by hdsmom.

Today is picture day. Gotta love the dress. I can't stand that I have to get her ready early and then who knows when her pictures will actually take place. We have had a few distasters in the past couple of years and they make you pay prior .. I am not holding my breath!!

Everyone and the dogs are doing pretty good. I leave for NYC on Monday for Web 2.0 and don't return until Friday. I will miss Hannah's soccer practice (hmmm-- mike will survive). My washer broke so I am hoping the guy can fix it before I leave. It is always something when you own a house. The good thing is that the washer is under warrenty and is fairly new.

School is going well for Hannah. She wants to join chorus, so I think she will be singing this year instead of doing the Girl Scout thing. But I think I will still sell cookies. Beware folks, I will be hitting you up. Hmmm, I wonder if I have time when I come back?

Work is work. I have gone from being passionate about what I do and slid into neutral. I guess that is my survival instincts kicking in and protecting my health.