Well we made if through the first and second day of school. Strangely enough, it feels as though we never left. Tuesday's are kinda hard, rushing to pick up Hannah, get dinner and get the dogs before they IMPLODE. You can actually hear Ripley yelping before you get in the house. And once you do get it the house, complete chaos ensues... for that 15 minutes I actually dislike my life. I ask "why did I do this to myself?" And then it all dies down and I know my answer... cause I am absolutely crazy. A lot of people would agree with that!!!

Well this week is a short week and so is next (well kinda-- I am sure the summit will kill us all) and then after that I am off for a bus trip that I am looking forward too -- time for myself. But I am pretty sure after the first night I will be bored and miss my crazy life. I have yet to find anything that matches that intensity.

I would like to get all the painting done so I can have my fantastic laundry room back -- it has become the makeshift paint shop and supply area. UGGHHH!!!

On another note, FOOTBALL starts this weekend so that means I must beg Mike to make CHILI!!!!!! And then soccer. Poor Hannah will have less and less spare time. Focus this year will be on school and other school/athletic activities.
Welp the boys are begging me to go out for a romp and my eyes are begging me for a nap. Guess who wins...hint:look at that face above... pure heavan.