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So this is it.. the last weekend before school. I think we all are all prepared. Hair cut, school supplies done, new school clothes and everything else that goes along with school.

Hannah has been playing soccer in the backyard with her dad (the new goal he made last weekend) and she has her room all ready for her brand new bedroom furniture. We ran out to get new sheet sets today. I can't wait. We picked this fab hot pink satin bed set ... and matching rug. I kinda think I am as excited as she is...

She has changed alot this summer. Not liking things as she once did, prefers to be spoken to as a young adult, cares about her clothes, hair and other things. No more kiddie things. She is growing up ( I just wish other folks would realize that)!

She had her asthma check up this week and did fab for one expection. She has another staph infection. I gotta be careful. I think we are going to have her tested for being a carrier.

Things are ok with me. I realized today what it takes me to get through a day of work. Let's forget all the other meds I take on a daily basis, to work through a whole day I must now take at least 4 pain meds and wrap at least one leg with Lidocaine patches. The body is not as forgiving. Ha -- I am getting older.

short week for me this week, thank god cause I am just getting 2 irritated with folks at work -- no time for anything. A few indulgences this week (hair) and then a long weekend.

Boys are FAB. Diesel turns 3 on Sept 1 -- I can't believe it. Now he is legal. I think I will share a glass of wine or brew with him.

Cheers to final week of summer....