Finally... VITAMIN D

the last time I went in for a check up (like every other day) - they tested my Vitamin D level. Well comes to find out I am way deficient (surprise), so I am on 50000 IU per week for a while. Apparently it is a common in folks with autoimmune diseases. Lucky me, it seems like every time I go, they find one more validation. Oh well, can't get down or blah about it. Just one more thing to remember to take on a non regular basis. Side note: I know the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, but I am not allowed to have it in large amounts (lupus) - so no fun with that.

Mike is working on a concrete job out front. Hannah is taking a shower and I am thinking of playing more on my new DS. Or a nap, that is what a vacation is good for -- a nap whenever you want!