Not so good weekend

so the weekend ended up being a bust. The weather sucked and I had a flare up that required me to take a decent dose of very heavy meds. Hannah had a house guest to ease the cancellation of our baseball game.
I am happy that Mike is off a few days this week and are looking forward to our time. I find myself missing him tremendously when he has to go to work on the days I am off, I miss the company, the jokes, the food and the man :)

Hannah starts camp in a week for about 5 weeks, then sometime with her friends and may be Aunt Denise again (it all depends on my aunt) and then she starts school. This is her last year at her school around the corner, so sad.

The dogs are good, one is FAT and one is still eating something he should not and Zoe finally got groomed. NICE.

That's it for now..