No More School!!!

I can't believe it, but yes school is out. Hannah finished of the year with a bang with Honor Roll and perfect attendance!! To celebrate, I took her out shopping today and got her a pedicure tonight. We had a crazy week, our AC broke but we manage to get it fixed before this massive heat wave rolled in.

At one point today, I checked the weather and it read 95 degrees but feels like 107 degrees. What the hell is that? How do you adjust?

I spent the day indoors, got my errands done early (it was still damn hot), did a lot of cleaning and house work today to get ready for Hannah's 10th birthday in a few weeks. She is having two parties - One spa birthday with all her friends and then a cookout with all family and friends!! Actually the next couple of weekends will be brutal for us. We have the soccer party at the Bowie Baysox, a wedding(Hannah and Mike are in it), Hannah's two parties and then another fiesta at the Baysox with Nicole, the boys, Joseph and Bobby. I am tired thinking about it. I am finally sitting down and it is making me tired.

Hannah has a fun couple of weeks planned before she starts camp. I am glad I can work two days from home now, it makes a HUGE difference with my health.

Finally, the dogs are doing good. Not liking the heat cause they can't go outside that much and play. Diesel is resting his head on my leg, sleeping. Ripley is at the end of the bed enjoying his reflection in the mirror.

That's it for now, sorry no pictures!!