Made IT!!

I did it, I made it through two parties yesterday!! The girls spa party went well and the after party was fab. I did manage to surprise Hannah with my Aunt, Kim , Joseph and Bobby. We had a rather large cookout at the house and I am glad to say no major problems or accidents. I believe I counted wrong, but close to 30ish people were at the house with a large number of kids adding to that number.

Hannah had a blast!! She did get stung by a bee while catching fireflies. Imagine that. 3 kids decided to stay the night (not a bad number considering I could have had a lot more). Three of the kids are sleeping in Hannah's bed. Which is only a twin!

The only downfall is I never got a chance to eat:( I did manage to snag me some leftovers so I can indulge today.

I am so glad everyone came out, even Nicole and the boys!! Hannah was worried they were not going to make it, but they DID. Thanks Nicole!!!

Hannah leaves for the beach today with my Aunt. She will have a blast that is a guarantee and she can take all her lovely gift cards and money she got for her b-day and have a little shopping excursion.

Welp, the pictures are in the normal place -- enjoy. I will go eat now...