A free saturday

So for the first time in like 6 weeks and actually 3 seasons, soccer was cancelled. So it left our day kinda wide open. Hannah had Hailey over for a few hours and we have kinda chilled all day cause the weather has been all over the place. I actually had time to start the planning of Hannah's birthday party in late June. I think I am still in shock that she will be 10. Where did those 10 years go?

Anyway, it was a short work week for me-- that ended with a trip to the doc for a checkup and wound up turning into a new experience. I have to see a new specialist next friday - cardiologist. I know RA and Lupus can affect your heart and lungs, but thought I would avoid that hit. Hopefully this is just to rule things out and nothing serious is going on. I will remain positive and just hope for the best, but also hold onto my little mantra " I am never given more then I can handle." Ain't that the truth, but man do I get pushed.

Welp -- Happy Mother's day to all you moms: New mom, Jen LR, who is spending her first mom day in the hospital :( --

To Aunt Denise, Nicole, Karen and my mom, I hope you have a great day!!